AGATA Technical and Instrumentation Publications

An AGATA Technical or Instrumentation Publication, considered in this context, is a peer-reviewed article or peer-reviewed conference proceedings article that describes or is based on technical developments of AGATA.

There is no defined authorship policy for AGATA Technical and Instrumentation Publications. Nevertheless, all members of the AGATA collaboration are committed to produce publications of high quality, on behalf of the full collaboration. Therefore, the AGATA Management Board (AMB) has decided to have the following policy:

All AGATA Technical and Instrumentation Publications must be sent to the AMB for review before being submitted to a journal.

In order to help you to have a fast revision of AGATA Technical and Instrumentation publications, the Agata Management Board (AMB) has nominated Johan Nyberg (Uppsala University), to be the contact person on issues concerning this type of AGATA publications. Please send your AGATA Technical and Instrumentation Publications to him. He will distribute it to all AMB members and the publication will be discussed at the next AMB meeting or video conference, which are held every second week. Immediately after such a meeting the author of the publication will obtain the comments to the paper given by the AMB members.

Note that AGATA Physics Publications, which are based on scientific results from experiments performed with AGATA, have a defined authorship policy, which is described here.



Questions regarding AGATA Technical and Instrumentation publications can be sent to Johan Nyberg.