AGATA Data Policy

Data Policy Version

  • This version of the AGATA Data Policy is from 2021-04-12.
  • A pdf file of the policy can be downloaded using this link.


  • This policy covers the data generated by the AGATA spectrometer. It includes data generated using sources and following in-beam reactions.
  • This policy pertains to the ownership, curation, access and exploitation of the experimental data collected and / or stored by the AGATA project at the host laboratory and the designated remote AGATA site(s).
  • Acceptance of this policy is a pre-requisite to obtaining experimental time on AGATA.


  • Data relates to the data directly output from the AGATA system.
  • For the initial period of AGATA operation at each host site the data will include the signal waveforms for all events. These periods will be specified by the AGATA Management Board (AMB).
  • A primary contact will be selected by each experimental collaboration, which has been awarded time on the AGATA instrument.

Ownership of the data

  • All data obtained as a result of free (non-commercial) access to AGATA resides with the AGATA collaboration.
  • The AGATA collaboration is defined as the AGATA Collaboration Council (ACC).
  • The AGATA Spokesperson is the chairperson of the ACC.

Curation of the data

  • All data will be curated in well-defined formats for which the means of reading the data will be specified by the AMB.
  • Data will be stored at the host laboratory for a temporary period. This temporary period is not fixed but typically it will be less than 2 months. This will be defined by the AMB.
  • Data will initially be transferred to a GRID storage site(s) for archival.
  • Transfer of data will be organised by the AMB.
  • Storage of data at local laboratories is the responsibility of the experimental collaboration.

Access to the data

  • Access to the data is to be controlled by the AGATA collaboration.
  • The AGATA Spokesperson will delegate this control to the experimental collaboration via the primary contact for the initial period of exploitation.
  • This initial period will be under the control of the AGATA Spokesperson, typically 5 years.
  • This period can be extended upon request to the AGATA Spokesperson.
  • The data for exploitation will be made available to the wider AGATA collaboration after this period.
  • All bona-fide members of the AGATA collaboration will have access to the data to improve the operation of the instrument, for example to monitor and improve detector performance and pulse shape analysis, tracking and analysis code development. This access will be managed by the AGATA Management Board and the AGATA Spokesperson.
  • Password protection, where possible and appropriate will be instigated.
  • Proper authentication and authorisation will be used.


  • The responsibility for exploitation will reside with each experimental collaboration.
  • It is the responsibility of the experimental collaboration to analyse the data and to publish any results and disseminate information to as wide as possible audience.
  • Status reports of all experiments must be submitted the annually to the ACC. The ACC will provide a proforma for this submission.

Publication information

  • The ACC must be informed of the reference for publications relating to AGATA within three months of the publication date. This information will be publicised on the AGATA web pages.
  • The ACC must also be informed of any talks, conference proceedings, annual reports, technical reports, theses etc. This information will be collated and publicised on the AGATA web pages.
  • The experimental collaboration should acknowledge the work of the wider AGATA collaboration and the host laboratory in any publication. The policy for this is specified in the AGATA publication policy here.

Grid access

  • Instructions for how to become a member of with the AGATA Virtual Organisation on the Grid and how to access the data on the Grid can be found via