AGATA Physics Publications and Publication Policy

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The AGATA Steering Committee (ASC) has defined a policy for the submission of publications relating to AGATA. This includes physics publications, conference proceedings, technical papers and review articles.

AGATA physics publications are based on results from the AGATA campaigns at LNL-INFN 2010-2011, GSI 2012-2014, GANIL 2015-2021 and LNL-INFN 2022. For these, the ASC has an approved list of AGATA core authors for each site (see section Policy for Submission of AGATA Physics Publications). An AGATA physics publication is defined as a peer-reviewed article that is based on scientific results from an experiment (or experiments) performed with AGATA.

Conference proceedings that include results from AGATA physics experiments should follow normal authorship courtesy and the Chair of the AGATA Collaboration Council (ACC) (Silvia Leoni) should be informed at the time of publication.

All physics publications, including conference proceedings, must acknowledge the AGATA collaboration and thank the host laboratory in the acknowledgements.

The policy for AGATA technical and instrumentation publications is described on this page.

The ASC encourages all publications to be Open Access.

It is reminded to the authors of AGATA physics publications that the ownership of data generated by the AGATA spectrometer resides with the AGATA collaboration as detailed in the AGATA Data Policy.

Policy for Submission of AGATA Physics Publications

AGATA physics publications, based on results from the AGATA campaigns at LNL-INFN 2010-2011, GSI 2012-2014, GANIL 2015-2021 and LNL-INFN 2022, may have, in addition to the main responsible author and the ordinary co-authors (those involved in the experiment, analysis, etc.), a number of additional co-authors, which belong to the AGATA core author list of the respective campaigns. For the first AGATA physics publication based on results from each AGATA experiment, all persons on the AGATA core author list of that campaign, will be asked if they wish to be included as co-authors on the publication.

The ASC working with the Chair of the ACC is responsible for controlling and updating the AGATA core author lists. The lists will be updated regularly by adding and removing names.

Subsequent physics publications from the same experiment are not obliged to follow this procedure involving the core author list. When such a publication has been accepted, it must registered, which is done by informing the Chair of the ACC (Silvia Leoni). This is to ensure that the project has a complete record of all AGATA publications.

Policy for Submission of AGATA Review Articles

Review articles are very welcome and recognise the excellence of the scientific and technical output from AGATA. In order for the collaboration to track these publications and advise in the preparation of the publication, including any technical comments, the ASC has defined a specific procedure.

The manuscript of the review article should be submitted to the Chair of the ACC (Silvia Leoni) prior to submission to the journal. The Chair will then check the paper and consult with the Chair of the AMB for additional technical comments.

Instructions for Main Authors of AGATA Physics Publications for the first paper from an experiment

Here is a description of the procedure you must use to determine which persons on the relevant AGATA core author list that wish to be co-authors on your AGATA physics publication. If you are the main author of an AGATA physics publication, you must follow these instructions before you submit your article to a journal.

  1. Send the publication as a PDF file by email to Johan Nyberg and a copy to Silvia Leoni (ACC chair). In the email, specify which AGATA campaign the publication concerns and to which journal it is planned to be submitted. Specify also the deadline for the AGATA core authors to fill in the acceptance form that asks if they would like to be co-authors on your publication. The recommended deadline is 2 weeks.
  2. When the deadline has passed, a link to the final list of names and affiliations of the AGATA core authors, which have answered yes on the acceptance form, will be available in the last column of this table. Note: the list with names and affiliations is updated automatically when an AGATA core author is filling in the acceptance form. The final version of the list is available only after the deadline has passed.
  3. You must include all names on this list as co-authors on your AGATA physics publication.

The setup of the acceptance form and the notification to the AGATA core authors of its availability and deadline is taken care of by Johan Nyberg.

Information for Core Authors

When there is an AGATA physics publication that will be passed through the AGATA core author procedure, all persons in the relevant core author lists will receive an email with instructions explaining how to sign up to become a co-author on the publication.

Confidentiality agreement. It is very important that all information in an AGATA physics publication manuscript, which is submitted through the AGATA core author procedure on this website, is kept confidential the manuscript has been accepted for publication. This means that the persons on the AGATA core author lists are not allowed to distribute the manuscript or to give any information in it to other persons than to the co-authors, whose names are given on the manuscript. Before a manuscript can be downloaded from this website, the core author must accept such a confidentiality agreement.

Note that if there is a change in the affiliation, present address, email address, etc. of a core author, she/he should login to the website and change the information there. When logged in, click on My Account, then on the Edit tab and change the relevant information on the Account and/or Core Author Data pages. In case of problems regarding this, please contact the webmaster at


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