AGATA Organisation

AGATA Steering Committee

John Simpson (UK, chair), Giacomo de Angelis (Italy), Piotr Bednarczyk (Poland), Mike Bentley (UK), Angela Bracco (Italy), Bo Cederwall (Sweden), Gilbert Duchêne (France), Jürgen Gerl (Germany), Paul Greenlees (Finland), Ayşe Kaşkaş (Turkey), Begoña Quintana (Spain), Peter Reiter (Germany), Dora Sohler (Hungary), Christophe Theisen (France), Dimitar Tonev (Bulgaria).

AGATA Management Board

Emmanuel Clément (AGATA Project Manager, France), Andy Boston (UK), Andres Gadea (Spain), Herbert Hess (Germany), Marc Labiche (UK), Bénédicte Million (Italy), Olivier Stezowski (France).

AGATA Collaboration Council

Chair of the ACC and AGATA spokesperson: Silvia Leoni (Italy, 2021-)

AGATA Local Campaign Managers

  • LNL 2021- (current campaign): Jose Javier Valiente Dobon (Italy)
  • GANIL 2015-2021 (previous campaign): Emmanuel Clément (France)
  • FAIR/GSI (future campaign): Kathrin Wimmer (Germany)

AGATA Campaign Spokespersons

  • LNL 2021- : Magda Zielinska (France)
  • GANIL 2019-2021: Zsolt Podolyak (UK)

AGATA Working Groups and Teams

The figure below shows the AGATA working groups and teams which are managed by the AGATA Management Board.


AGATA organigram (July 2021)

AGATA organigram (September 2021)

Past AGATA Board Members

For a view of past members of the various AGATA boards and task, visit this page: LINK