LNL Campaign 2010-2011

The first AGATA physics campaign was held at INFN LNL Legnaro in Italy 2010-2011. The first experiment was performed with only one AGATA Triple Cluster detector (3 HPGe crystals). In 2011, the AGATA Demonstrator Array, with 5 AGATA Triple Cluster detecors (15 HPGe crystals), was completed.


The AGATA Demonstrator Array

The AGATA Demonstrator Array with 15 HPGe crystals mounted in front of the PRISMA spectrometer at INFN LNL.


A number of experiments were performed during this campaign, most of them by combining AGATA with the PRISMA spectrometer and other ancillary detectors. For more information about the AGATA campaign at LNL, see http://npg.dl.ac.uk/agata_acc/legnaro.html.